Early in his career, Dirk Vrints received several awards as an interior architect. 

Over the years, Dirk matured his work as an interior designer with particular focus on renovation and refurbishment of private houses, apartments, working spaces, offices and commercial retail interiors.

As a total-concept designer, Dirk integrates his clients' expectations with an aggregated interior vision. Such holistic approach integrates the physical space with the functional requirements of furniture, cabinets, libraries, bathrooms, kitchens, and other dedicated purpose areas.

Dirk is a total-concept designer, integrating the client’s expectations into an aggregated interior vision, which could include furniture, cabinets, libraries for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, offices and shop interiors, etc.

Way of working

Through transforming project constraints into new dimensional possibilities, Dirk aims to fully embrace the potentiality of all of the available space. Taking a dedicated client-centric approach by stepping in the specificities of the occupant’s unique lifestyle, Dirk transposes ‘what is’, the existing ‘old’ space, into a new, inspiring, deep personal, and practical design for living and working.

Essential features in Dirk’s creative realisations include positive energy fields, natural flow, the dynamic affect of natural daylight, and an expansive liberating experience of volume and space.

On request, clients can benefit from Dirk’s advise regarding optimal colour combinations, effectual balance of natural and artificial lighting, integrated flooring design, and more.