The Belgian jewellery designer Jo Den Haerynck graduated from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts. After her graduation in Antwerp, Jo extended her studies in Italy’s cultural centre for creative arts, the Instituto Statale d’Arte in Florence. Her earliest work was displayed at the “Milano 18 karate” exhibition and received great acclaim for its original contemporary design approach.

Her innovative design and distinct craftsmanship continued to receive numerous accolades during a series of exhibitions by the International Diamond Company ‘The Beers’, in particular the 1987 ‘Vision Project’ and 1992 ‘The Flower Cut Diamond Design Collection’. Other celebrated exhibitions included the 1994 ‘Belgian Brilliant’, 1996 ‘Jenius Collection’, 2000 for integrating textiles and laces into contemporary jewelry, and 2002 ‘Two Times 1001 nights’.

Internationally, Jo has presented her work in The Netherlands, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Italy, and at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.

Since early 2000, Jo exhibits her work almost exclusively through solo expositions, allowing her to deeply explore the essence of one single source of inspiration. Her series ‘Leaves of the Gingko Biloba Tree’ (2001), ‘Arabic Calligraphy’ (2003), ‘Sea Shells and Environment’ (2005) and ‘Himalaya Mountains’ (2007) drew the attention of private collectors in Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Sweden, North America, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan and China.

Jo’s inspirational ideas come to formation in her workshop in Antwerp. Private clients often engage her craftsmanship for transforming existing ‘old gold’ pieces into new, highly personal and elegant creations.

Her views on contemporary jewelry have been published in esteemed regional and international magazines. She was featured by Claude Mazloum’s reference book ‘Designer Jewelry, the World’s Top Artists’ (1995).

Jo teaches the art and technique of goldsmith and jewelry design at Encora , Antwerp.



Jo Den Haerynck approaches every design as an novel, passionate and profound exploration for Grace and Beauty. Every jewel offers the possibility for an unique relational intimacy between designer, jewelry wearer and creative expression … ultimately extending the experience to all viewers.

Jo’s creative origination demands authenticity and exclusivity. Her jewelry, meticulously crafted, transcends the pursuit of stylish decorativeness towards an accomplished articulation of wholeness. By transcending the physical limits of matter, of the direct visible, her work empties 'form' into 'naked essence'.

Jo’s artistic expression arises from a meditative inner search for clarity and directness. Inspiration, design and matter are shaped by an intuitive, embodied inner search for elegance and balance. Such disciplined artistic process ultimately manifests a jewelry that desires to communicate. Each detail, in its precision and perfection, asserts the artistry of the whole. Material form conscientiously reduced to its true essence.