The Archijewel collection is the outcome of a generative partnership between architect Dirk Vrints and jewelry designer Jo Den Haerynck.

Both designers place the individual as unique-human-being at the very center of their artistic exploration. As the architect draws a spatial environment reflecting the distinct personality contours of the individual, the jewelry designer transposes these spatial principles into material form. In the process, we witness a novel fusion of architectonics and jewelry composition. Each precious new jewel design is being sourced from architectural perspectives. 

The jewelry wearer is presented with an embodied expression of a singular, intensely individuated, spatially designed jewel.

This uncommon collaboration between architect and jewelry designer offers new enrapturing possibilities. Both artists persistently reach beyond the conventional boundaries of their respective disciplines. Their engagement in a constantly evolving quest for deeper integration of divergent aesthetic perspectives generates ever-original artistic expressions.

The Archijewel’s collection presents us with an experience of this unification of architectural spatial composition and human-centred design. Each singular artefact elucidates a movement from macro to micro. The pieces displayed hold up to the promise that, once worn, each jewel transforms into a profoundly personalised articulation of the wearer’s identity.